Jewelry Modelmaking

Carving, Milling, and Fabrication

Following the 2011 acquisition of Kindt-Collins and the 2017 acquisition of DuMatt, Freeman is the leader in high-quality waxes for all types of jewelry modeling.

jewelry modelmaking

blocks and tablets
Tablets, Blocks & Slices

Commonly used for making pendants, and many other jewelry models

ring tubes
Ring Tubes & Solid Rods

Used primarily for carving (or CNC) ring models

drb shapes
Ferris File-A-Wax DRB Shapes

Commonly used for bracelets and large pieces

Cowdery wax wires
Wax Wires & Cowdery Profiles

Quick blanks for producing prongs, bales, settings and more

casting wax
Casting Wax Sheets

Soft wax sheets for etching & fabricating shapes

matt tools
Matt Tools

Unique tools for wax model & pattern making

utility patching wax
Repair/Utility Waxes

For quick and effective repair of models

sticky wax
Sticky Waxes

For picking up (precious stones, positioning) or gluing

Sprue Waxes

For building sprues, gates & vents in wax trees