Matt Tools & Supplies

The Matt line offers a comprehensive selection of wax-working tools that are known for their versatility, efficiency, and simplicity.

Matt Wax Gun II

Redesigned in 2018 for extruding wax pellets for the creation of jewelry patterns

Matt Mini-Lathe

Flex shaft accessory for turning rods of carving wax into jewelry patterns

Matt Trimmer

Flex shaft accessory for trimming wax ring tube blanks

Matt Reamer

Steel tool for planning and enlarging the inside diameter of ring tube blanks

Matt Ring Sizer

Quickly and accurately enlarge the finger hole of wax ring models

Matt Jewelry Templates & Books

Templates for transferring shapes onto wax & instructional literature by Adolfo Mattiello

Matt Miter Box

A miter box designed specifically for cutting wax ring tube blanks

Matt Centering Tool

Fixture for perfecting centering wax rods for the Matt Mini-Lathe

Matt Gold Collector

Traps and collects precious metal and stones during jewelry finishing processes

Matt Ring Mandrel

Detachable mandrel with stand for wax patterns