Art Bronze Casting

Sculpture Clay & Waxes for Casting

Following our 2018 acquisition of Paramelt’s Art Bronze division, Freeman became one of North America’s premier manufacturers of clay and wax materials for the industry.

art bronze

Art Bronze Clay

Non-sulphurated, oil/wax blends that are reusable and compatible with silicone as well as urethanes

casting slush wax
Art Casting/Slush Wax

Casting waxes for the art bronze industry

sprue wax
Art Sprue Wax

Wax extrusions for sprues and gating

Silicone Rubber

Two component, room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone rubber compound

Urethane Rubber

Flexible, economical urethane material for making molds with deep undercuts

utility patching wax
Art Patching/Utility Waxes

Soft utility waxes for repairing wax patterns at room temperature