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Waxes for Dentures, Crowns, and more

Following our 2011 acquisition of Kindt-Collins Dental Wax division, Freeman became one of North America’s premier manufacturers of wax materials for the industry. In addition to many private-labelled waxes, we offer the following:

dental lab

baseplate wax
Baseplate Waxes

Strong, yet highly flexible wax that can easily be carved, soften uniformly and retain a shape when cold

inlay wax
Inlay Waxes

Exceptional durability allows for casting in extremely thin sections while resisting repeated handling

bite sticks
Wax Bite Sticks

Easily shaped to conform to the dental arch and assure clean, accurate bite registration

boxing wax
Boxing Waxes

Readily adhere to themselves or virtually any surface without the need for heat

set up wax
Set-Up Waxes

Features a long working time with a tough finish to retain shape

dental dip wax
Dental Dipping Waxes

An extremely durable, wax resistant to warpage and breakage when used for building up a crown

casting wax
Casting Wax Sheets

Available in pink and clear – pliable wax sheets in calibrated thicknesses for lost wax casting