Jewelry Casting

Rapid Duplication of Jewelry Patterns

Freeman has long been known as the manufacturer of the best jewelry injection waxes in the world. With the 2011 acquisition of Kindt-Collins, we also became the most diverse, offering the widest selection to meet the demands of any application.

jewelry casting

general purpose
General Purpose

Waxes for the most common casting applications

fine detail
Fine Detail

Waxes formulated for maximum flow and complete fills

metal molds
Metal Molds

Waxes formulated for strength and flexibility

stone in place
'Stone in Place' Casting

Waxes that easily accept and hold precious stones

oversized mold
Oversized Mold

Features the least shrink of any unfilled jewelry wax

claws clasps and bezels
Claws, Clasps, & Bezels

Flows easily, yet won’t bend or deform

soluble wax
Soluble Waxes

Waxes that wash away easily with water and/or muriatic acid