Miscellaneous Specialty Waxes

Though ancillary in nature, the roles of these materials are no less important as they work in a supportive capacity for pattern creation. Whether used to create a core for a piece of jewelry, a bezel or to mount a wax pattern in the construction of a tree, these materials will provide ready-made solutions for a variety of jewelry making situations.

Soluble Waxes

Water soluble waxes for use in jewelry making and the IOL industry

Casting Wax Sheets

Pliable wax sheets in calibrated thicknesses for lost wax casting

Jewelry Wax Wires

Freeman & Ferris flexible wax wires for jewelry patterns

Jewelry/Dental Sprue Waxes

Fully refined sprue waxes that burn-out quickly without expansion or residue

Wolf Touch-Up & Relief Waxes

Wolf by Ferris Touch-Up & Relief Waxes

Utility/Patching Waxes

Waxes for repairing imperfections in wax patterns

Sticky Waxes

Wax designed to weld sprues and gating to wax patterns

Ferris Mold-A-Wax

A kneadable wax for freeform jewelry pattern design