Jewelry/Dental Sprue Waxes

Fully refined to eliminate impurities, Ferris Wax Sprue Rods burn-out quickly without expansion or residue. Perfect for building even the most demanding sprue systems.

Ferris Yellow Sprue

A soft, flexible sprue / softening point 173°F-185°F

Ferris 12 Red Sprue

The softest and most flexible sprue / softening point 144°F-156°F

Ferris 16 Green Sprue

Medium hardness and flexibility / softening point 143°F-155°F

Ferris 2571 Light Blue Sprue

A medium-hard and flexible sprue / softening point 163°F-175°F

Ferris 2120M Light Green Sprue

A hard, rigid sprue / softening point 172°F-184°F

Ferris 2112-J Green Sprue

The hardest and most rigid sprue / softening point 162°F-174°F

Other Jewelry Sprues

Purple Sprue Wax, Ferris 20 Blue Sprue, Ferris 1467A Sprue, Ferris 1544G Blue, Ferris 1467A Sprue, and more