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Freeman Color Tints are a highly concentrated tints for urethane and epoxy resin systems. 0.01% to 3% can produce deep colors. May be used with clear urethanes and epoxies to obtain a transparent color.

Silicone Coloring Pastes are used for coloring silicone rubber. These pastes are concentrated - the recommended loading range is .001% to 3% of total silicone system weight.

Fumed Silica is a thickening agent that may be added to epoxy, urethane, or polyester resins to increase the viscosity. High filler loading will produce paste-like consistencies, ideal for creating fillets, repair materials, or making fairing compounds smoother and easier to apply.

Abaca Fiber is a premium-quality grade fibrous material that offers good absorption and tensile strength. It is used for reinforcement of shell-type laster reproduction.

Ultracal 30 is the most popular gypsum used in tooling applications because of its good surface hardness, high compressive strength and low expansion.
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SKU Description   UM Thickness Width Length Height Board ft. Diameter Grade Grit Plys Radius SPB Ship Note Min. Qty Pcs/Box Pcs/Bundle Winding Ft/Box Handle Len Head Diam Head Len Mfg. # Qty
036055 Ultracal 30 EA
055425 Freeman Color Tint, Black - 2 oz. EA
055422 Freeman Color Tint, Blue - 2 oz. EA
055428 Freeman Color Tint, Brown - 2 oz. EA
055421 Freeman Color Tint, Green - 2 oz. EA
055426 Freeman Color Tint, Orange - 2 oz. EA
055423 Freeman Color Tint, Red - 2 oz. EA
055424 Freeman Color Tint, White - 2 oz. EA
055420 Freeman Color Tint, Yellow - 2 oz. EA
055430 Silicone Coloring Paste, Black - 4 oz. EA
055432 Silicone Coloring Paste, Blue - 4 oz. EA
055431 Silicone Coloring Paste, Red - 4 oz. EA
055433 Silicone Coloring Paste, White - 4 oz. EA
055434 Silicone Coloring Paste, Yellow - 4 oz. EA
054485 Abaca Fiber - Bale EA
412034 Fumed Silica (Aerosil 200) - 10 lb. Bag EA
406332 Mia 63 Fumed Silica - Quart EA
406334 Mia 63 Fumed Silica - 2 Quart EA
406336 Mia 63 Fumed Silica - Gallon EA

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