Freeman Flakes Injection Waxes

For nearly 40 years, Freeman injection wax has been the industry standard for quality and consistency. Our formulations are renowned for their high pattern detail, rapid wax solidification, minimal shrinkage, excellent flow, and low ash content (.003%) enabling the cleanest burnouts and most accurate reproductions possible. All are designed for platinum, gold, and silver, as well as industrial and dental alloys.

Please note that these formulas are unique to the Freeman Flakes line and are NOT sold under any other brand or product line.

Aqua Green Freeman Flakes

Most popular formula, ideal for all applications

Turquoise Freeman Flakes

Most popular formula in turquoise for detail verification, ideal for all applications

Ruby Red Freeman Flakes

Most popular formula in red for detail verification, ideal for all applications

Filigree Pink Freeman Flakes

Excellent flexibility and flow properties, ideal for stone in place casting

Tuf Guy Green Freeman Flakes

Tough and durable, yet flexible, ideal for large pieces

Flexible Blue Freeman Flakes

Highest flexibility, ideal for metal molds and stone in place casting

Carvable Purple Freeman Flakes

Superior carvability with minimal filling or clogging, ideal for rework wax casting

Super Pink Freeman Flakes

Superior readability, ideal for clasp, claw and bezel settings