Ferris Beads Injection Waxes

The Ferris line of injection waxes has long been the most diverse line of injection waxes for the jewelry manufacturing industry. After decades of research, development, and worldwide promotion, this acclaimed line is now manufactured by Freeman Manufacturing & Supply Company, making us the undisputed worldwide leader in jewelry waxes. In addition to several specialized formulas sold exclusively through select dealers, we feature the following standard formulas, available worldwide.

Ferris 1582 Beads

Extra-tough formula, ideal for metal molds

Ferris 1737 Beads

Flexible yet stable formula, ideal for all purposes

Ferris 2054 Beads

Flexible yet stable formula, also known as buckle wax, ideal for medium to large patterns

Ferris 2194 Beads

Most popular formula, ideal for extra fine detail reproduction and thin sections

Ferris 2195 Beads

Extra tough formula, ideal for picking up fine detail and applications with difficult draws

Ferris 2364 Beads

Tough formula, ideal for applications where excellent release properties are needed

Ferris 3250 Beads

Tough formula, ideal for applications at higher ambient temperatures

Ferris 3269 Beads

Premium, versatile formula, ideal for fine detail reproduction

Other Ferris Beads

Miscellaneous Ferris Beads