Art Casting/Slush Wax

These virgin waxes are specifically formulated for use in art bronze castings. The quality of these waxes translates to repeatable results in consistent working conditions. Many types and formulations available. Please note that Art/Slush Casting Wax slabs contain 4 pieces per box with a net weight of 44 lbs.

Microcrystalline Wax

Petroleum-based, soft wax for paper coating, encapsulating, and parting compound

CSM Optimus 3.0

Wax that can be easily molded by hand and used in investment casting and sculpting

1364B Sculpture Wax

Works well for mass casting with a fine surface for carving and finishing

1467A Sculpture Wax

Works well for mass casting, slush casting and sculpting applications with a tough and durable surface

1683F Pattern Wax

Works well for injection patterns and has an excellent surface finish

2-AB150 Sculpt-A-Wax

Works well for sculpting and slush casting applications with less tackiness and stickiness

2-AB40 Series Art Bronze Waxes

Work well for slush casting applications and have excellent fluidity to mitigate air entrapment

2-AB50 Series Art Bronze Waxes

Work well for slush casting applications and have improved release capabilities and fine surface finish

Like-Nu Sprue Wax

Works well for the creation of ancillary components and has a low ash content

971 Freeman Casting Wax

Works well for casting and injection applications and has a high level of dimensional integrity

Sculpture Wax Strips

Work well for sculpting and hand-forming applications and have the ability to remain pliable yet workable with tools